Tips For Buying A Used Vehicle

If you are planning to go to a car auction or to a car lot or to a dealer to buy a used vehicle you might have done your homework already. There are hundreds of guides and articles on websites that tell you what to do and what not to do. But the con is that these articles require a lot of time and background knowledge about almost everything and that really is a hassle if you are a busy person. Buying a vehicle is an easy task thanks to all the technology and marketing, but there are hundreds of people who make wrong decisions when they are buying a used vehicle. This is because they don’t know how to inspect a used vehicle. Also, the dealer will not help you making a nice decision, most of the time. That is why you should read following tips to understand your ways when it comes to buying your dream car.

Paint meter!

Yes, it is actually a measuring device. A paint meter is another wonder of science and it can actually differentiate between original factory paint and secondary paintwork. Most of dealer don’t even know about these meters and you can simply check out the paintwork of a second hand car with this meter. This is important because a repainted car can be decades old and they will eventually start making problems. Best way to avoid this is by asking the seller about paintwork.

Check the oil cap

This is one of the most common checks and many people know about this. Specially if you are buying a second hand or a used vehicle you should check the oil cap. Simply open the oil cap and thoroughly check the inside of it. If there is a sludge or a caramel colored syrup deposited inside the oil cap, you should walk away from that deal. A sludge indicates that the oil is extremely old and a caramel syrup indicates that anti-freeze is crawling back to engine. Both these cases should be avoided.

Cold start

A cold start means starting an engine after a minimum of 12 hours rest. This is a perfect way to identify a fair amount of problems related to vehicle engines. If you are going to buy used car from a dealer, ask him or her to keep the car at rest before you see it and when you perform a cold start pay attention to all noises and vibrations thoroughly.

Always take your time before making any decision and if you are careful and smart enough, you can easily make an amazing deal that suits your budget!