The Pros And Cons Of Installing An Air Suspension Kit

Installing an air suspension kit elevates your vehicle a few inches and completely changes your entire driving experience. Although this was ultimately only popular among the most hardcore of automotive enthusiasts, more and more people consider its many benefits and choose to invest in them as well. An air suspension makes it capable for your vehicle to handle inconvenient road conditions such as potholes and bumps, effortlessly. If you’re an individual who is deciding whether or not to invest in air suspension for your vehicle, consider the list of pros and cons below.

Pro: Enhances Daily Driving

If you think air suspension kits are best left for trucks and long distance travelling, you might be surprised to know that there are air bag suspension kits for cars as well. Installing air suspension does not need to be reserved for only long distance travelling, your everyday driving experience can be made effortless and smoother with air suspension as well. These kits makes your vehicle capable of handling all sorts of rough toad conditions which is why it is it is quite convenient for all kind of vehicles. It is bound to enhance your daily driving experience and allow you to drive with ease. 

Pro: Handling Weather Conditions

Air suspension is not limited to handling difficult road conditions; it can handle difficult weather conditions as well. Especially in situations with heavy rain, the roads fill up with a lot of water and mud which makes driving much more difficult. However if your vehicle has a polyair lift kit installed, you can lift your vehicle up in order to avoid the mud and dirty water. Additionally when other vehicles pass you by when it rains, water and mud are flung towards your windows and other parts of the car. Due to the elevation offered from a suspension kit, your car can remain clean and safe from rain water.

Con: Instability

One of the most important things to remember if you’ve chosen to get an air suspension for your vehicle is to ensure what kind of lift is best suited for your vehicle type and model as well as your specific needs. You need to be prepared to handle the change in your driving experience after the lift and know that your usual method of driving will be affected. As lifted vehicles have a higher center of gravity, it is important to drive carefully especially at turns. You need to change your handling method as a lifted car is slightly more unstable and is capable of escaping your control, especially if you make sudden sharp turns.